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Manchester City FC - Fulham FC 0-0




After the disappointing result at Leeds where City played well and lost we were expecting a repeat of the United game form. Ah, but it's City were're talking about and as supporters know anything can happen and usually does. Alas our worst fears were justified. This was a poor display by City. Fulham came for a point, defended in depth and it appeared they were playing for time from the first minute. It would have needed a good passing display by City and we witnessd probably the worst home performance for a while. In fact it was near relegation form. A listless pathetic performance by City I am afraid. The quotation from Richard the Third - "Now is the Winter of our discontent" - is apt for the performance of referee Winter who has yet to give a penalty in the Pemiership. Had he given City the deserved spot kick for the foul on Macken the whole strategy of the game would have changed. They would have had to change their 'playing for a point' tactic and left more room in their last third for City to get a second goal - if we had scored from the penalty of course! With Anelka back on the bench I wonder who would have taken it? The inconsistant finishing is costing City dearly. Fowler and Macken played quite well together while Anelka was absent. I wonder whether in home games City might experiment with leaving F and M upfront but playing Anelka just behind them. With Anelka's speed he could come from a deeper position and with less chance of him being caught offside. It would give some problems for visiting defences . Sibierski would then probably drop to the bench. It might be worth a try. I must say it was a surprise to see Anelka substituted. He did not look injured. Well done to Shawn Wright-Phillips who has been named in the England squad.
Report by ManCity.tk

[With Special Thanks to Daan for the photos]

Bosvelt played the complete match and mentioned as the best match for City so far.


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