:: Season 2003/2004 :: Premier League :: 10.08.2003 :: City of Manchester ::

Manchester City FC - Manchester United FC 4-1



Well, today shows that football remains a strange and wonderful game. We've played better this season and not picked up any points - such as in the game against Chelsea. I can't have been alone in being rather nervous before the game - after all, United had to see today's game as make or break, just as much as City did... and with the events in midweek, they would probably be desperate to make amends. I don't know what to say about the first half, except to say that we did something almost unheard of in recent times (with the possible exception of the second half of the Spurs FA Cup replay) - we took our chances. As half time came up and after Scholes had scored to make the score 2-1 I was wishing for half-time to come. After all - we would then have an opportunity to make changes, to re-evaluate our strategy - the onus was on Keegan and the boys to make changes. In the other dressing room, what could Ferguson say except 'keep it up'? Personally I would have considered bringing on Bosvelt for MacManaman and Sun Jihai on for the Dunny Monster. However the result shows that Keegan got it right!!! Whereas in the first half, we had left huge gaps for United to exploit, in the second half, we outfought them in midfield and didn't give them space in which to play. This was probably something of a surprise to those who thought our Kev didn't have a plan B! He did and Fergy didn't, and probably that was the major difference between the sides today. And after yet another great performance in front of a national audience, capped with a superb individual goal, Shauny Wright must now get his England call up. It was great that both Jon Macken and Robbie Fowler scored - Macken held the ball up really well, and it was good to see Fowler sticking the ball in the net at the first sniff of a chance. Fowler in particular, is showing real form and I have a feeling that his goals during the remaining games will be the difference between a scrap just above the drop zone, and a respectable mid-table finish. I was impressed with Paul Bosvelt when he came on. He did the simple stuff well - a real 'no nonsense' kind of player who isn't afraid of a scrap. So a real double whammy for Blues everywhere - three precious points which take us further clear of the relegation zone, a further dent in the Evil Empire's chances of winning the Premiership. Great atmosphere too - today was an indication of what's really possible in that wonderful stadium. It's onwards and upwards now, boys!

Source: ManCity FC Supporters Homepage
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